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Thanks everybody!
Thanks for your support, everybody!
My message box exploded today! This was quite unexpected. Thank you everybody!
Do you know of any dancers who live in Madrid who'd be interesting in working with me? I'll be spending a week there at the end of this month and might want to a photo shoot.

I've been messaging back and forth with a new acquaintance on DA about some of her work. There was one picture in particular that I liked and I suggested that she try coming up with a series of images drawn in a similar fashion. She came up with the following and was wondering which variant resonated with people more.

Please take a look and let her know what you think.

Version 1:
alone 1 by n-th-green

Version 2:
alone by n-th-green
One of my photos was printed in the September issue of Popular Photography. They wrote a feature on photographing kids and chose the following to include in their article:

Waiting by HowNowVihao

How cool is that?
Does anybody actually have a muse these days? I feel like I need somebody to help me come up with and try out new photo ideas.